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May 1, 2007

So… Yoron

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Why did we go there? Actually only because we were 1 day ahead of schedule and we needed a place to go before Okinawa. So far it`s great!

We arrived at around 15:30, at a very weird port, in the middle of nowhere. We cycled to a small town to find out the ferry times and how to get to the camp site at the other side of the island.

It took us less than an hour to cross the island, but we did have some trouble: Kamil had a flat tyre about halfway to the campsite 😦 But even nice Japanese people come to the rescue! We asked a guy who was building a house at the side of the road how far away the campsite was, and he offered to take us there in his tiny pickup truck. We are now making it a habit of taking a picture with all the people that help us on the way, and we`ll email them the pictures later when we get back 🙂

There was nobody at the campsite, only abandoned buildings. We walked to the beach and we found a row of old Japanese women selling seashells and stuff on the way. They were very friendly and helped us call the owner of the campsite, because we wanted to rent a bungalow (actually more like a bird house). The owner, and apparently everyone else on the island was at a festival, which we just missed..

While waiting for the owner Kamil fixed his bike, and after we were settled in it had turned dark. We went out on foot to find a restaurant, but we only found apitch black seaside road, with only a few houses on the side, most of them with the lights turned off already. Finally we found something that looked like a restaurant, but it wasn`t. The people inside were nice though, and they pointed us to a supermarket, and even gave us some snacks for on the way!

Finally triumphant we returned to our bird house with a super meal of bread, fruit and yoghurt :O

Tomorrow we will try to wake up at 5 to catch the sunrise. More later 🙂


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