The colorful wolf

August 26, 2007


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Ej mensen, hoe istie? Hier gaat ie lekker, alhoewel ik wel behoorlijk gejetlagged ben. Het is nu 20 over 3 ‘s nachts, en ik ben niet echt moe. Geen probleem natuurlijk, want het is morgen zondag en ik heb nog een weekje vrij ^_^. De trip die we eigenlijk dit weekend zouden maken is uitgesteld naar volgend weekend, en we hebben vandaag nog wat dingetjes ervoor geregeld. Het enige dat we nu nog van plan zijn is een auto huren, en dat gaan we morgen alvast even regelen. Zoals jullie hieronder kunnen zien heb ik ook een verjaardagskadootje gekregen 🙂

Yes, a nice birthday present, thanks to Shieri, our internship coordinator, and of course to all my friends. Thanks guys 🙂 PS, for Kamil and Loic: this pic came straight from my Canon with the kit lens, auto white balance, auto focus. I did use a tripod though 😉

Tolerance. Woooo, serious subject. Kind of. I’m curious about the kind of tolerance people have. Some people I’ve met have very low tolerance of others. If they see something they don’t like about someone, they will dislike the person, not speak to him, or be very negative around him. Most of the people (foreigners) I’ve met in Japan over the past few years are not like this at all. They are very tolerant, extremely tolerant even. People who could otherwise not possibly get along can become friends here because they are both in the ‘foreigner’-group, where everybody is equal and everybody belongs. Even if there were some conflicts between the people from last year or two years ago, they would resolve them peacefully, set them aside, and work together wonderfully. Two people who are not… ‘compatible’ with each other can do great things at work and will have dinner together afterwards.

I would like to think that I am tolerant too, although in a passive way. Some people will, when they notice something they don’t like about a person, speak to them about it and try to get them to change it. This can be in anything. The most popular category here recently is international politics, but I can name religion, looks, daily habits as some other things people notice and tolerate differently. When I find something that is difficult for me to tolerate, I usually just accept it the way it is and don’t think about it anymore. Others might speak to a person about it to try to get them to change their ways, or just ignore them completely. I don’t know which way is the best way. There was a person here who showed me that you can be very specific about your likes and dislikes, but still get along with the people that don’t share those things. A person I didn’t share much interests with, and didn’t even talk to as much as I wanted to, but he was always friendly to me, and everybody else. I’ll leave it to my readers to guess who this was 😉

So I guess what I want to say is that, even if you think you are tolerant, try to rethink and see how you can be nicer to the people you have a difference of opinion or interest with. If you cannot agree on one point, then maybe you can find other things that you can agree on. Don’t linger on one subject for one time though, there’s more than one thing that defines a person.

As a bonus I have for you Batman, using his anti-shark bat spray to fight off a shark!


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