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October 10, 2007

More than meets the eye

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Can’t sleep, so I’m playing with my camera, Transformers and Photoshop. The photo was overexposed, so I just ran a crappy filter over it and got this picture.

Recently I saw an anime called Gurren Lagann. I have never seen anything more ‘over the top’ than that anime. It makes you believe that you can do anything with fighting spirit and raw emotion. A typical anime I guess, but it’s the most over the top one I’ve seen yet. I like it a lot 😀 It’s what this country is missing, apparently, according to this article anyway.

I’m learning Chinese WTF!! o_0. I got some really basic study books a couple of months ago, and I’m finally starting to learn. Wendy is helping me practice the pronunciation, and I suck at it. I haven’t even started to learn Chinese characters or words, but at least I’m practicing the pronunciation ^_^. Today for the first time I got the feeling that I might actually be able to learn it. It would still take ten years, but hey, it’s better than nothing -_-.

Meh, going to bed. Sleepy.


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  1. There are 2 Japanese in my class!!! Actually 1 of them is a hafu like me – Japanese and Indian mix… interesting eh? Anyway, I hope I would be fluent (or like Alvaro) by the end of the year!!! Tanoshimi ne!!

    Comment by Kamil — October 10, 2007 @ 9:27 | Reply

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