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April 8, 2008

Material woes

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Stuff is breaking all around me! I’m getting a lot of luck this year, but machine luck is not my kind of luck. Before the Australia trip my compact camera got a big spot of dirt on the inside of the lens, and I haven’t been able to get it out. So I bought a new smaller compact camera, but that one now seems to have a serious problem focusing long distance. I will need to send both of them back to Canon, so I’ll be without a compact camera for a while…

But that’s not all. Both my PC’s have been acting up as well. My laptop, a Sony Vaio, has had peculiar behaviour from day one concerning memory cards. It has a built-in SD card reader but it refuses to work. So I used to use my external card reader, but now that one fails to work on my laptop as well. The strange thing is, it only fails for SD cards, CompactFlash still works fine. Japanese Windows Vista on it doesn’t help either. I already don’t like Vista, but because I don’t have experience it’s impossible to find the right buttons and menu items in Japanese. I could guess the location of XP’s buttons, but Vista is too difficult for me…

Then there’s my regular PC. It has many problems. One of them is my OS, which for some reason refuses to be updated… So I cannot use messenger on it anymore. It’s supposed to be really fast, but the startup time is terrible right now. I’ve tracked it down to the main hard drive, which is nearly dead. And that’s not all, a second hard drive is dying too, and I really should back up the data on that one. And finally there’s the CPU, which is running a bit too hot, so I should replace the cooler.

Sleepy now. Maybe tomorrow I”ll have better luck -_-


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