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September 2, 2008

The magic drawer

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It contains a lot of treasures from travels long past. Among my treasures are:

  • Passport and international driving license (expired)
  • Keys for my parents’ place in Holland, and for my bicycle in Holland (that’s why they weren’t able to use it >_<;)
  • Various currencies from Hong Kong, China and Europe
  • Various business cards from people I’ve met in Japan
  • An intoxication meter keychain (never used it!)
  • My Dutch bank card that is useless here in Japan
  • Millions of points cards from various stores. So annoying
  • Some photographs of me to use for official documents
  • Sand from Hokkaido
  • Chinese lip balm
  • Traveling lock + key
  • A very old coin that I had since my childhood
  • Video rental memberships card
  • Winnie the pooh keychain
  • Old plane ticket leftovers
  • A film cell from the Ghibli museum
  • Japanese ‘omikuji’: piece of paper predicting your luck for the coming year. This one’s two years old.
  • Putikura: pictures taken in a photo booth with funny effects added onto it. Best memories with best friends.
  • (not in the drawer, but underneath: a very tiny glimpse of the slippers that Amyko gave me after she went back to China ^_^)

Most of these things I do not need, but almost all of these items carry a particular memory with them. I could do without them, but I would no longer be reminded of certain very important things in my life. Some of you reading this probably know one or more items I’ve described here, and you’ll have your own memories attached to it. I don’t want to forget anything. That is why I treasure my photos more than anything else that I own. At least I can document my life for myself. I think sometimes people need something to remind them of the events that happened, and maybe then they will realize what the hell they are doing with their life, and what’s really important in life. Look back to look forward. I will never forget.



  1. I totally agree with you!! I have ALOT of Memories and trinket’s I keep from special occasions.. My husband and I have rented just a SMALL little Storage place REAL small enough for a couple of those plastic tub’s you can buy at the Store, And I have Photo’s (plus my Photo’s are on Cd’s) but that too will change when Computer’s change.. But we stick EVERYTHING we might want to look at when the GREAT Nephew’s and GREAT Niece’s get alittle bigger and can really appreciate it.. I see NO problem in keeping Memories, if there nice and neat… It could become a REALLY big problem if you don’t watch it.. I ONLY save item’s that OUR Family might enjoy later when the kid’s get bigger… til l8er

    Comment by wavemaker2 — September 3, 2008 @ 1:40 | Reply

  2. Heey waarom doe je die dingetjes niet in een plakboek. Dan heb je ze altijd ergens bij elkaar nu is de kans er nog dat ze kwijtraken. Maar euh ja dat klopt van je fiets…sukkel…moest ie gemaakt worden konden we er niets mee..hahahah

    Comment by shanna — September 3, 2008 @ 21:35 | Reply

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