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March 29, 2009

IiYama Hanami Festival

Filed under: Photography — randy @ 23:43

A bunch of us gaijins went out today and went to a rap concert / Japanese festival. You can see the pictures on Picasa, and I added some of the HDR images here. Some of them did not turn out well at all because I did not keep the camera steady enough while taking the 3 shots that I later merge into the HDR image. 

img_9410_08_09 img_9425_3_4_ps
img_9521_2_3 img_9537_5_6

Note: the A-something crappy brand CF card is slow!! I can notice it when taking pictures as high speed and when copying to the PC. It’s not a problem when I’m not shooting HDR, and fortunately I’m not usually an action photographer. Still, I switched to a faster one per default, so I’ll use crappy brand for backup purposes. 

Note2: custom profiles on the 50D are love! I’ve finally taken the time to set up C1 as HDR snapshot setting (highest speed, raw+jpeg, bracketing +2/-1) and C2 as flash-photograhy mode (shuttertime 1/250s, f/8.0). Awesome!

Canon: please hurry up with the video-capable firmware for the 50D! If you don’t hurry up some hacker will make it for you!


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