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May 9, 2010

I’m in Kyushu! Now what?

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I ‘m so used to cycling on the road instead of the sidewalk that I just followed the main car road all the way until the tunnel that leads to the fabulous island of Kyushu. When I arrived there I realized that the tunnel was only for cars and I drove all that way for nothing.. I did this 2-3 times before on this trip and previous cycling trips, and it’s always funny to see how Japanese people completely panic when they think that you’re about to take a car/toll road with your bicycle. Last time a guy sitting in the toll booth ran out towards me, screaming “NO NO NO!!!” while making cross signs with his arms. I only wanted to ask directions… This time was Yamaguchi province so I of course was received warmly, and they pointed me to the right tunnel, which was next to the seaside. I only had to climb a bloody huge hill to get there…

The distance to cross

Going down...

Lots of pedestrios

The border!

I wasn’t supposed to cycle in the tunnel, rather I should walk all the way while holding my bicycle. My bicycle is heavy. After about 50-100 meters I realized that my arms would get very tired trying to balance my bike, so I got up and cycled at a walking pace until the end. And now I’m in Kyushu!

So…. I realized that I didn’t really have a plan. Tomorrow I’ll reach Fukuoka, but it seems to be ‘a Japanese city’, and I’ve already seen plenty of those, so no need to stop there for long. I’m at a family restaurant now planning my route for the next 1-2 weeks. I think I’ll be zigzagging a bit, first to Fukuoka, then approaching Nagasaki from the northwest. After that I want to cross by ferry to Kumamoto prefecture and see Mount Aso, an active volcano. Then I’ll go down the volcano at the east side and reach a little place called Nobeoka on the east coast. From there on it’s a long way down to my final destination, Cape Sata.

I’m staying at a youth hostel today. It’s actually warm enough to camp and although it’s cloudy I don’t think it’ll rain (much). I thought I’d spoil myself a bit and congratulate myself for reaching Kyushu. Yay me. Although perhaps spoiling is not the right word. I just had a conversation with the owner, and he told me “You’d better bring bread for dinner, cause our dinner service is way too expensive”. Obviously the hostel is on top of a hill so there’s no restaurants anywhere close, and there’s no way I’ll climb a hostelhill twice with all my luggage. Bread it is then. Here we go.


  1. Wow, seems like yesterday that I saw the border between Kyushu and Honshu. Are you in Kitakyushu now or where is the hostel? You could visit Dazaifu for one day, if you don’t want to go to Fukuoka directly, it’s located in south east of Fukuoka, or you can take the seaside road to Fukuoka and check Kokura castle and some other spots before. Ah, do what you want…it’ll be perfect. When I came there last time in March I made some one-day-trips by car. But by bicycle it may be a little bit more difficult to change routes or anything…
    Have fun and enjoy beautiful Kyushu!

    Comment by boris — May 9, 2010 @ 16:59 | Reply

  2. Dazaifu noted! I’m not sure if I’ll pass by there. It depends a bit on the weather: if it’s going to stay almost-rainy like this I might choose a safer route. Otherwise I’ll go along the coast until I get to Nagasaki 😀

    Comment by rheide — May 9, 2010 @ 18:15 | Reply

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