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August 13, 2010


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I’m still in Antwerp, enjoying the city in a leisurely way. Oh, and today was my birthday! A fact casually acknowledged in real life and then quickly forgotten, much like the way in which we are experiencing Antwerp, I guess. I never really cared for my own birthday. It’s supposed to be a momentous occassion and a nice day to reflect on your life, but I do too much of that already >_<;

Anyway, I met Brian here in Antwerp and we’ve been focusing on the design of a nifty piece of software that will… do something that will be a surprise 🙂 It’s an interesting project that involves quite a lot of our personal interests as well as a good challenge in many different ways. It’s not just the technical part; the entire process  of software development from idea (or selection of idea, actually) all the way until actual product is what we’re doing. It’s been a while since my brain’s worked on full power, and I very much appreciate the change in pace. We’ve got two weeks, and so far not a single line of code has been written. Because of that I am quite confident that we’ll end up with a good program in the end.

Yesterday we went looking for a library and ended up in a peculiar high-security library instead of the public library. We even got free library cards, which we needed to even enter the place, after leaving behind our coats and backpacks. It was a rather dreary place though. On the way back we found a store with all kinds of viking things inside, and a creepy cellar with inside it a knight’s armor and some axes. We bought a bottle of mead there which I am finding delicious. It’s also making me sleepy. More later, for now I’m g


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