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January 25, 2011

I hate running

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I thought I’d mention that. I finally felt good enough, after being flu-ified for a week, to go out running again. And what a miserable time I had too. I honestly can’t imagine people doing this for fun.

I try to make it fun. I listen to uplifting music, pretending I’m conquering the world as I step along. No. Not really. Nothing in the world could make running in cold, dark, gray Holland a positive activity. As soon as you take a step outside the cold wind hits you, and you notice the lack of colors. Then, as you start running, the cold wind hits you again, and you notice the lack of colors again. That pretty much sums up the most exciting bits of running in Holland. I can’t think of any place in the world that could motivate me less.

Yet I ran. It was a good, healthy run. It’s something I want to do more often, but given the weather outside, and the constant threat of rain, I wonder how long I can keep this up.

Goodbye winter.



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  1. Try going to a gym and using an elliptical. I found that I can go much longer and keep my heart beat up at a higher rate with this (and my legs don’t feel like they are falling off afterwards).

    Comment by Tim — January 26, 2011 @ 14:58 | Reply

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