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January 29, 2011

Detecting something!

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I never expected this to work on the first try, but it’s amusing to see it fail in this way. I wanted to see if my mastery of computer vision-related technologies was good enough for me to train a haar classifier for text. I was lucky enough to find a fairly large amount of training data online, so I just chucked it all in the trainer and gave it a go. As expected, without a more.. scientific, training method, things go to hell pretty easily. Note that the training is not actually finished, it just seems stuck without the values ever changing. Probably a result of poorly selected training data, or lack of it.

I do suspect the webcam resolution might have something to do with it. The little thingie is supposed to go up to 1280×720 but the Java Media Framework can only seem to access it at 320×240. I tried before to stream the 1280×720 stream from VLC with the intention of accessing the stream with the JMF, but I never got VLC to behave. I might give that another shot. That, and a proper round of training, of course.

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