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February 15, 2011

Dragonball Math

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Some people seem to ascend to Super Saiyan Math Wizard Level 10 right away, yet it takes 7 years of training for me and there’s still crap that I don’t understand.


December 20, 2010

British Humour

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Stare someone straight in the face with a very serious look in your eyes. Say something extremely rude and offensive. Keep staring. If the corner of your opponent’s mouth twitches slightly then your joke was extremely hilarious.


September 23, 2010

For fuck’s sake, have a little imagination

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Is it really so hard to believe that money is in fact not the number one priority in my life?

(woosh, I just alienated 99% of the world’s population)

September 12, 2010


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I wrote a post about self-censorship but decided not to publish it.


December 26, 2009


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French bread tastes much better if you make sound effects while cutting it.

(this is a well known fact)

December 24, 2009


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If your standards are too high you will no longer be able to enjoy anything.

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