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I made a lot of stuff ever since I started programming in the first year of university. I didn’t finish much though, and a lot of code I wrote was never published. I am a big proponent of open source software, and I would love to share my code with everyone, but I’m too lazy!

If you’re interested in any of this code, send me an e-mail and I can share it with you. All I request of you in return is that you mention this blog and my name in your code if you use it 🙂 Of course, some of this code I developed while working for a company, so I cannot share it.

For now, here’s a list of all the stuff I’ve developed. I’ll keep on adding to this page with screenshots and descriptions of the programs.

  • ClassWriter util: uses Java reflection to output XML files with bean information
  • DivXMenu: full-screen Java GUI program to start movie files I used for my TVPC
  • FitManager: huge content-management system for a fitness studio
  • Rune Master: RPG game for mobile phones plus Swing GUI level editor. (multiplayer worked over bluetooth and internet, I just never got around to finishing the details…)
  • JavaTycoon: a test case for myself in trying to implement the wonderful game called Transport Tycoon in Java all by myself.
  • Various web components:
    • Automatic HTML generator and FTP uploader that takes input from a database
    • Database link management program, which categorizes links from various websites and populates the database used for the above tool
    • Some tiny web-site crawling and spidering tools, which I used to gather information from car websites and other things
    • Integrated an Internet Explorer C++ component in Java Swing GUI (which was unstable and sucked, but was still really really cool
  • ZelfHulpJava : a self help program which can be used by psychologists to make question lists for users, and by the users to answer the questions and send their answers to the psychologist.
  • Java Puzzle Production System: A system designed to store, display and edit a large amount of words inside a database, for the purpose of generating cross-word puzzles and other kinds of puzzles.
  • M3uCopier: A playlist tool which allowed me to easily delete missing entries, copy mp3’s from a playlist to a folder, and randomize the filenames, which was necessary for my crappy mp3 player when I made this.
  • Mp3Quiz: just a music quiz similar to the one on an iPod. Nothing fancy, just wanted to see if I could do it.
  • PowerPlay: some stupid game I made as a project for the Hanzehogeschool. It used CORBA to communicate between clients. Technically it was pretty neat, but the game concept was boring as hell.
  • Various math and statistics tools to prove that you lose when you play roulette, perfect number calculator etc. Finger practice
  • PictureMover: one of the more useful tools I made, and I still use it regularly. Htokey-based auto-completion picture-moving tool. In short: load pics from a folder, display one by one, and categorize by typing the category name.
  • VisNet: a speech-recognition related network visualization tool
  • ResultsAnalyzer: a tool that analyzes and displays misrecognition patterns in speech recognition.

Below I will put a short description of some of these programs.


The ResultsAnalyzer is not really the crown of my work, because I did not make it. I jumped in when the program was under development for a year, and I took over the full development in the end of 2006. This I will call my best achievement because this program made me a better programmer in many ways. It taught me how to work with other people’s code. It taught me how to deal with users that don’t know how to use the program, and it taught me how to maintain the program and find bugs that users and myself are finding. This project taught me about the beauty of software design, and more importantly, when to make something beautiful and when to leave something ugly. The program is being used by many people in my company, and it’s truly something I am quite proud of.

So what is it? It’s exactly as the name says: a program that analyzes results. Of speech recognition sessions, that is. Imagine a guy speaking 100 sentences, and we use speech recognition software to recognize his voice. Then we compare what was recognized to what he was supposed to say, and we can calculate the accuracy of this speaker and our software. It can also be used to find out what kind of errors happen, which will help the developers to make better voice recognition software.

It’s a necessary tool in my line of work, and the developers before me, Christian and Anja, have done the main work in designing the concept and the basics. After their leaving we had to deal with ever-changing requirements and I’ve gradually developed the program into an easily extendible framework, separating core functionality from plugins, and adding network and database support. I have to be careful now as it’s starting to get bloated…

As a testament to it’s superb quality and it’s technical brilliance I refer to one of it’s users: Amyko. She has this to say about the ResultsAnalyzer:

“You never know that it’s because I can choose the pink [user interface] color that I first come to use your tool.”


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