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Olympus Camedia C-21

I started in 2000 when my dad bought me an Olympus Camedia C-21 compact camera. It was 2 mega pixels, and quite good at the time. In fact, looking back at this camera, I think the picture quality and exposure was excellent. This camera lasted for 2 years, when I changed to a Minolta DImage 7, a big camera with many buttons, and I didn’t know how to use many of them. The camera never really impressed me, and it was really only better in zoom range and megapixels, I don’t think the picture quality was that much better.

Minolta DImage 7I took the Minolta with me to Japan in 2005, and I took pictures with it for the first 2 months. With a big trip to Kyoto coming up, I changed to something lighter and handier: a Canon Ixus 750 something (the 7 megapixel model). I loved that camera. For the first time since owning a digital camera I could make cool movies, and the camera was one of the four things I would always carry with me (the other 3 being my wallet, cell phone and keys). I live snapshooting with the tiny Canon. In only one year of using it the camera was so scratched and damaged that it looked like it was 5 years old. Great camera.

Canon IXYIn December 2006, just before going on holiday back to Holland, I bought a new Canon. The Canon G7. Bigger, blacker and with more buttons to play with. This proved to be interesting. Only after moving to a DSLR I realize how good this big little camera really was. It makes movies at 1024×768 (at 15fps, but still), takes 10mp pictures and everything can be manually adjusted. The lens is truly amazing. 6x zoom, f/2.8 and image stabilization. On a DSLR that’s quite expensive. The reason I bought was for the extra manual adjustment options and the 6x zoom. Another reason was because I was going to buy some lens converters for it, but Canon managed to delay these so badly that I was only able to get one 5 months after they announced it… All in all, this camera is the camera I can use best so far. It was too big though, and if I buy a compact camera again it will be one of the small Canons, not a big one like the G7.

Canon G7











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