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History – 2008-2009

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A lot has changed since the last time I wrote. At the time of writing this it’s January of 2009, and I’ve been playing with a fresh new Canon 50D for a while now. I also got a Canon EF-S 18-200mm IS to satisfy my need for always having a full zoom range with me. I never leave the house without the 18-200mm these days, which means I’m neglecting the wonderful Canon EF 70-300mm IS that I bought shortly after making the previous update of this photography section. 

Newly acquired DSLR stuff:

  • Canon 50D camera (see below)
  • Canon EF 18-200mm IS lens (not that good but so useful)
  • 430EX flash (best thing I bought last year)
  • Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 lens (incredibly sharp)
  • Infrared filter (great!)

The 50D is big. Especially compared to the 400D that I was used to. The controls are so easy to use, I love them. Can’t say I’m too impressed about the image quality though. I can’t see much difference between the 400D and the 50D in terms of detail, and the way both cameras perform in terms of colors and picture styles is quite different. Takes some time to get used to it. Best point of the 50D for me are the easy-to-use controls and the higher ISO settings (ISO3200 and ISO6400 are very useful!). 

I didn’t sell the 400D, mostly because the stores here don’t want to give me any money for it. I tried to sell the 17-85mm IS lens too, after getting the 18-200, but the price the stores offered me was way too low, so I gave it to my sister, who is also getting into digicams these days. I decided to keep the 400D around just in case, and I even brought back a 17-55mm kit lens back from Holland with me last time I was there. Sometimes it’s fun to carry a not-so-heavy camera around my neck for a change. 

Compact camera woes

After arranging a trip to Australia I wanted to bring a compact camera with me that I could use for diving. I bought an Ixy 910IS, which is the wide angle version of Canon’s Ixus series (called Ixy in Japan). I also bought an underwater case, which has served me very well indeed, not just for making pictures underwater, but also for mounting the camera onto my touring bicycle and creating time-lapse movies while cycling. The CHDK firmware works on the Ixy so I get to have a lot of fun with it 🙂

I still have the G7! I neglected it for a while, and it sort of broke a couple of times, but I had it repaired by Canon and it works once more. While trying to fix it myself I broke the casing and there’s a screw missing, so it’s not exactly weatherproof anymore. Well, it wasn’t weatherproof in the first place, because it broke when I tried to make a time-lapse movie during a typhoon.. Actually it’s not that robust, because the zoom lever broke just from wear during regular usage. Still, it’s a useful extra camera, and I use it a lot to make time-lapse videos from my room while I’m off to somewhere else. 

Here’s a picture of all the stuff that I took in the autumn of 2008. The picture of all this was, ironically, taken with a mobile phone…


The pictures is missing the underwater case for the Ixy, and the two lenses that I bought later. Also missing in this picture is the Phototrackr, a very useful GPS gadget that I always take with me on trips. The Phototrackr stores the GPS coordinates for every picture I take in the EXIF info. 

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